Jernej Turk - Agricultural Policy – Some Theoretical Considerations

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This book considers a theory of agricultural policy and its implications for decision making.

There exists a strong and instrumental bond between agricultural economics and agricultural policy. Policy decision making can be as effective as long agricultural economics theory and the empirical modelling results derived support it. A bulk of various information sources related to farm policies can be traced in modern literature where discussions, however, rarely revolve around the theoretical issues of agricultural policy. Since a considerable lack of relevant theoretical discussions exists in policy studies, this book attempts to fill this gap.

Some new theoretical developments are presented in this research monograph. A trinity of principal agricultural policy aspects (ATOPAPA), which is incorporated inside welfare economics, institutional economics and agricultural protectionist platforms, was introduced here. These three concepts are believed to represent a sterling cornerstone in effectively contemplating basic theoretical agricultural policy considerations. This trinity of aspects is projected to be crucial in explaining thoroughly and grasping comprehensively any relevant policy development or agenda regardless of its origin, characteristics and importance.

Clear underpinnings of the main theoretical concepts that underlie the scientific character of agricultural are discussed here. A comprehensive understanding of the abundance of theoretical aspects of agricultural economics is complemented with the crucial dimension of farm policy, which both enables us to understand better the basic principles of the latter entirely. Political connotation of agricultural policy making process is significantly under the scrutiny here. A hexagram of democratic society was thus launched to reflect the interaction and mutual interdependence of farmers, taxpayers and institution of market on one side and political nomenclature, civil society and…


Agrarpolitik, Agrarwirtschaft, Demokratische Gesellschaft, Agrikultur, Landwirtschaft, EU Agrarpolitik

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    Jernej Turk
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    Hamburg 2023
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    Schriftenreihe agrarwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse
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