Areej Wais - Antecedents of Syrian Refugees’ Labor Market Integration in Germany

Survey Evidence

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After the last refugee influx to Europe, which coincided with the worsening of the so-called refugee crisis in 2014, the process of integrating refugees into host countries has been a major challenge for all European countries. Particularly in Germany, the topic most relevant to integration was related to successfully integrating refugees economically into the labor market.

Previous research at the international and the European-level show the disadvantages refugees face getting integrated socially and economically to host countries. The main focus of previous scholars has been on examining the factors that affect refugee’s successful performance in the labor market such as education level and their acknowledgment by the host country, personal characteristics, language skills, country of origin and length of asylum procedure. The ongoing research into refugees’ economic integration, though, has not yet sufficiently investigated other equally important factors such as refugees’ self-confidence, physical and mental health, work motivation, and work attitude and expectations, which can be expected to be important factors that can make it possible to understand refugees’ willingness to search for a job and integrate into the German society.

This study intends to narrow this gap in the literature. It applies a broader perspective in that it examines refugees’ work motivation and attitude to search for a job, which potentially constitute significant indicators for prospective labor market integration outcomes.

The study contributes to the research on the economic (especially labor market) integration of refugees in that it investigates crucial antecedents of refugees’ labor market integration: Refugees’ work motivation and attitude towards job search and unemployment. Understanding how such factors influence refugees’ behavior is potentially highly beneficial for helping host countries to successfully integrate refugees into their…


Syrische Flüchtlinge, Arbeitsmarkt, Integration, Jobsuche, Arbeitsmotivation, Psychologische Belastung, Strukturgleichungsmodell, Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, BWL, Syrian Refugees, Labor Market Integration, Job Search, Work Motivation, Psychological Distress, Survey, Structural equation modeling, Work Value, Self-Efficacy, Economics

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    Areej Wais
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    Hamburg 2023
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    Unternehmensführung & Organisation
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