Andreas Albers - Commercialisation of Context-Sensitive Mobile Attention in Mobile Media Markets

Market Engineering Recommendations for Mobile Marketing Providers

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In a society of growing information overflow, it becomes increasingly difficult for enterprises to attract the attention of consumers for marketing campaigns promoting their products and services. In this regard, mobile media offers advertisers a highly personal communication channel to their recipients. Thereby, context information provided by the mobile network allows advertisers to target their Mobile Marketing campaigns towards the momentary usage situation of mobile users.

In this media market, the objective of Mobile Marketing Providers is to commercialise the provision of such a mobile communication channel to advertisers via their Mobile Media Market platform. However, the specific characteristics of context information generate impacts on a Mobile Marketing Provider’s traditional business model. In order to address these impacts, this work develops and applies a conceptional analysis framework for the use of context information in the Mobile Marketing domain. Subsequently and based on the knowledge acquired from the analysis, an engineering recommendation framework for Mobile Media Market platforms (MoMeMa) is developed and presented. Its guidelines enable Mobile Marketing Providers to develop or align their Mobile Media Market platforms in order to unleash the benefits of context information for Mobile Marketing campaigns while being able to cope with its identified impacts.

The MoMeMa engineering recommendation framework as the main contribution of this work was developed by following the Design Science Research paradigm. Thereby, its technical feasibility was demonstrated through the development of a software prototype whereas its utility for the practice was empirically validated based on conducted expert interviews. [...]


Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Attention Economy, Mobile Media, Mobile Data Communications, Miobile Internet, Information Intermediaries, Mobile Media Markets, Context Information, Electronic Market Engineering, Mobile Marketing Provider, Context-Sensitive Mobile Marketing Campaigns, Mobilfunk, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Betriebswirtschaftslehre

  • Autor*in
    Andreas Albers
  • Seiten
  • Jahr
    Hamburg 2010
  • ISBN
  • Fachdisziplin
    Spezielle Betriebswirtschaftslehren
  • Schriftenreihe
    Schriften zum Mobile Commerce und zur Mobilkommunikation (Hrsg.: Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg)
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