Robert Celec (Ed.) - Education and the Challenges of Modern Society

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The monograph Education and the Challenges of Modern Society brings together the authors’ reflections on topical issues in various fields. In most cases, the authors support the theoretical premises with empirical research.

In the first chapter, Slavoljub Hilčenko, Vojislav Ilić and Sanja Filipović focus on the role of ICT in the process of education, especially in art education.

The second chapter, written by Nataša Ivanić, Sanja Nikolić and Slavoljub Hilčenko, reports the findings of a study that examined the effectiveness of project-based teaching in preschool.

The authors of the next chapter are Drago Jerebic and Sara Jerebic, who examine how a mother’s attitude towards her son during childhood affects the son’s potential for alcohol addiction later in life.

In chapter four, Drago Jerebic and Sara Jerebic discuss addiction and its related consequences as a significant social problem and present a case study to complement the understanding of addiction through the Relational Family Therapy model.

In the fifth chapter, Mateja Marovič and Ana Bogdan Zupančič explore the participatory processes in the field of residential care (treatment) from the perspective of children/adolescents.

The following chapter is authored by Sanja Nikolić, Ildiko Djokić and Slavoljub Hilčenko, who discuss the importance of an individual approach in teaching mathematics at early ages by applying principle of polyformity.

In the final chapter, Dejan Živanović, Jovan Javorac, Svetlana Stojkov, Svetlana Kašiković Lečić and Slavoljub Hilčenko present the significance of therapeutic communication as a key component in the medical treatment and rehabilitation process, which helps to build a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation between the healthcare professional and the patient. [...]


Therapie, Lehren, Moderne Gesellschaft, Sucht, Medizinische Behandlung, Epidemiologische Merkmale, Erziehungswissenschaften, Gesundheitswissenschaften, Therapy, Teaching, Modern society, Addiction, Medical treatment, Epidemiological characteristics, Education, Health care

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    Robert Celec (Ed.)
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    Hamburg 2023
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    EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung
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