Solomon Okezie Obasi - Evangelisation and Modernity

Cultural Issues as Missiological Imperative in „Ecclesia in Africa“

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This study brings to the fore that modernity offers enough (if not more than enough) materials for missiological consumption for the church in Africa. It stresses that the challenges of evangelisation in Africa in the Third Millennium, as Ecclesia in Africa specifies in its caption, can never be the same as the evangelisation of the 15th or the 19th century. The reason is that African traditional societies, which shape the way African people think and live (and which early missionaries met), cannot but share the stage with modernity: with its new technological marvels, new systems of government, new economies etc. Over and above all, it must share the stage with the many Africans born and raised in this new cultural milieu where African cultural elements and values have blended with foreign cultural elements, thus creating a new culture which those born in it know and appreciate.

Against this background, the missiological imperative of the Church in Africa is the evangelising of the modern culture. Evangelisation must challenge the technical means, capital, and expertise of modernity which have not been put into operation with a clear-sighted will. The failure of modernity is an imperative task of Evangelisation.

The author

Solomon Obasi is a native of Arochukwu in Abia State and a priest of the Congregation of Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy (SMMM) in Nigeria. He studied Philosophy and theology at Seat of Wisdom Major Seminary Owerri where he holds Bachelors in both disciplines. At the Pontifical Urban University Rome he earned the Licentiate and a Doctorate in Missiology. Currently he is working in the Diocese of Augsburg, Germany. [...]


Evangelisation, Modernity, Modern Culture, Evangelisation in Africa, Ecclesia in Africa, Church in Africa, Mission, Christliche Kirche, Globalisierung, Inkulturation, Soziale Gerechtigkeit, Moderne, Theologie

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    Solomon Okezie Obasi
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    Hamburg 2008
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    THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse
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