Lydia Eva-Maria Todenhöfer - Participation Patterns of Sharing Systems

A Cross-Sectoral Comparison of the Drivers of Demand and Supply in the Sharing Economy

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In recent years, the sharing economy has evolved into a mass phenomenon that now alters the daily routine of millions of users and influences both consumption behaviour and market dynamics. At the same time academic and practical knowledge of how to successfully design, launch and run a sharing economy business is noticeably failing to keep pace with the demands that the sector requires.

In this context, Lydia Eva-Maria Todenhöfer investigates the crucial determinants of participation in various sharing contexts and industries. The examination of user- and provider-specific aspects from an empirical-behavioristic perspective reveals innovative insights for marketing practice and theory. [...]


Sharing Economy, Kritische Masse, Digitale Plattformen, Kollaborativer Lebensstil, Digitale Revolution, Digitale Innovation, Marketing, Betriebswirtschaft, Participation Patterns, Plattformen

  • Autor*in
    Lydia Eva-Maria Todenhöfer
  • Seiten
  • Jahr
    Hamburg 2019
  • ISBN
  • Fachdisziplin
    Marketing & Absatz
  • Schriftenreihe
    MERKUR – Schriften zum Innovativen Marketing-Management
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