Solomon Ejah Etonu - Quantitative Growth or Authentic Witnessing to the Gospel?

Catholic Church in Nigeria and the Challenges of Religious Violence

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This book argues that the Church as people of God, but most particularly, the Catholic Church, fulfils her mission as instrument of salvation when she proclaims the message of Christ to a people in their concrete existential situation. In carrying out this mission, the historical context, cultural and religious heritage, socio-economic reality and tribal differences of the people must never be ignored. Besides, the Church can only succeed in this mission when she remains extricated from the clutches of political manipulations, cultural prejudice, and ecclesiastical and clerical triumphalism. Indeed, the message of the incarnation — which also implies inculturation — presupposes the mission to enthrone the reign of God and the manifestation of the manifesto of Jesus (cf. Lk. 4:18-21). The clear sign of the reign of God cannot be characterized by quantitative growth of Christians, but on the conspicuous presence of love, peace, freedom, well-being and justice.

Über den Autor

Solomon Ejah Etonu, born in 1980 in Jos, Nigeria, studied philosophy (2000-2003) and theology (2004-2008) at the St. Thomas Aquinas‘ Major Seminary Makurdi, Nigeria (affiliated with the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome); Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 2012 from the National Teachers Institute, Kaduna (affiliated with the Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto). He had his doctoral studies from 2014 to 2019 in the Faculty of Theology, University of Würzburg, Germany, specializing in Missiology and Dialogue of Religions. [...]


Theologie, Katholische Kirche, Religiöse Gewalt, Religiöser Dialog, Catholic Church, Religious Violence, Religious Dialogue, Religion, Frieden, Peace, Korruption, Corruption, Prophetische Kirche, Prophetic Church, Inkulturation, Inculturation, Ungerechtigkeit, Injustice, Armut, Poverty, Boko-Haram, Terrorismus, Terrorism

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    Solomon Ejah Etonu
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    Hamburg 2020
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    THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse
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