Eugene Suom-Dery - The Family as Subject of Moral Education in the African Context

Incarnating Christian Ethics among the Dagara of North-western Ghana

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How can and should Christian ethics and morality be incarnated in the African moral universe and penetrate into the personal and social lives of African peoples, particularly among the Dagara of North-western Ghana? How does Christian ethics and morality relate to African ethics and morality with regard to moral education and development within the African family context? Has the African family a chance at all as a moral educational subject in a time of rapid changes and deep transformations

This book responds to these questions with an impressive investigation of significant features of African ethics and morality - e.g. African cosmology and ontology, the concept of person and conscience, the nature and moral educational significance of the family, the concept of moral value, human destiny etc. The author designs a plausible concept of incarnational moral education within the African Christian family based on the norm of Christ, the enduring African moral values and some relevant insights of the human sciences and moral pedagogy.

Dr. Eugene Suom-Dery’s work is an important contribution to the current discussion of inculturation or incarnation of the Gospel message among African peoples in the area of moral theology. It concludes with an analysis of the subsidiary role of the Church in the State of Ghana with regard to the tasks of the family. The book is useful not only for readers who need information about African traditional religion, philosophy and ethics, but also for researchers of African Christian moral theology and inculturation. [...]


Africa, Afrika, Inculturation, Inkulturation, Moral education, Christian ethics, Christliche Ethik, Family, Familie, Theologie, Ethik

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    Eugene Suom-Dery
  • Seiten
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    Hamburg 2000
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    THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse
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