Thomas Rachfall - The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Information Overload Phenomenon

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Most people are working with the help of information and communication technology (ICT), with a still rising rate of workplaces being equipped with new technology. More and more people are presumed to act efficiently with new ICT and services in an environment that is getting more multifaceted for employees in the communication process. In response to the quickly changing environments, individuals and organisations are suffering from information overload (IO). However, in reality the phenomenon is still not well understood. Within IO research, scientists have not yet agreed upon a common understanding of IO and the related factors which influence it. Some models exist and several causes of IO are mentioned in the literature, but most of the models deliver just a fragmented view of the topic, or they offer no opportunity to test IO causes. Because a suitable model is missing this research establishes one.

Furthermore, this research tests the effects of ICT on parts of the developed model. The empiric analysis supports the conclusion that there is a relationship between IO and the information type. Participants with too much qualitative bad information and partly with too much relevant information feel IO. Additionally, the IO influence factor work satisfaction is investigated. The thesis shows that an increasing work satisfaction leads to decreasing IO. Apart from the causes of IO this research also analyses the countermeasures of individuals to avoid stress as a result of ICT.

This book adds new knowledge to the understanding of the IO phenomenon in theory and practice. [...]


Information Overload, Controlling, Stress, Decision-Making, ICT, Case Study, Informationsüberlastung, Management Accounting, Communication Technology, Cognitive Load, Work Satisfaction, Information Processing

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    Thomas Rachfall
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    Hamburg 2017
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    Schriften zum Betrieblichen Rechnungswesen und Controlling
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