Jonas Bielefeldt - Toward Service-based Value Creation: The Role of Service Business Development in Manufacturing Companies

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Over the past decade, society has witnessed an increasing expansion of service economies as manufacturing (i.e., product-oriented) companies break free from their product-based business model and move toward more service-oriented value creation as a result of several economic, technological, and social changes. As they shift from products to (service) solutions, manufacturing companies pursue new strategic direction, inter alia, by extensively employing service business development activities.

The objective of this dissertation is to investigate the considerable (re-)emerging stream of service business development by providing vital insights for academia and management into important focus areas that have hardly, if at all, been (empirically) investigated in the existing literature before. Therefore, these findings can be vital to informing a differentiation in current and future marketing strategies in business practice.

First of all, this dissertation focuses on the extent to which service business development is transposed into business practice. Because scarce empirical-quantitative research has studied the current state of service business development across various industry and market sectors, this study analyzes a unique, manually collected dataset of 266 (product and service) business development activities. In so doing, this investigation contributes to literature by presenting a comprehensive, industry-wide status quo and trend report of service business development in practice.

Furthermore, given the surprisingly limited scientific attention paid to the question of how service business development is strategically configured and further applied to different environmental circumstances, this dissertation provides comprehensive theoretical and practical implications by analyzing in detail a sample of 137 service business developments of 66 product-oriented companies. [...]


Business Development, Marketing, Management, Access-Based Services, Adoption Barriers, Cross-National Adaption Behaviour, Product-Manufacturing Companies, Service Business Model Innovation, Business Environment

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    Jonas Bielefeldt
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  • Jahr
    Hamburg 2019
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    Unternehmensführung & Organisation
  • Schriftenreihe
    Schriftenreihe zum Business Development (Hrsg.: Prof. Uta Herbst & Prof. Markus Voeth)
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